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Get Into Car Photography

NOW is the time to get into car photography!

Learn the basics of car photography and digital cameras to get you up-to-speed quickly.

This training is designed to be easily viewed on your smart phone!

00 Introduction

My name is James Wilder.

I've been building "enthusiast" websites for over twenty years.

That's what got me into digital photography.

My first digital camera was a Kodak DC280, then a Nikon D5000, and currently a Sony a6000.

I love the light weight and low cost of the Sony a6000, but more on cameras later.

Back to the intro...

I have spent years doing website design, writing, and all that comes with it.

My list of things-to-do consumed my time.

The months turned into years.

I broke out in a cold sweat.

Like Ebenezer Scrooge, in "A Christmas Carol", I woke up.

There is still time!

In October 2019 I resolved to focus on building my photography skills, and keep it the priority for the rest of my life.

To keep me on track, I decided to write an ebook on basic car photography.

So, here it is, a work in progress.

I also hope to inspire you to take your photography seriously, work your butt off, and have insane fun.

NOW is the time to get into car photography!

James Wilder

01 Car Photography Tips

Quick progress can be made by first removing the bad. Here are 12 solid car photography tips that require zero photography knowledge, zero photography skill, zero creativity and can be applied using any camera you own, including your smart phone.

02 Composition for Car Photography Enthusiasts

Get immediate results with these six basic photography composition techniques that are easy to understand and apply.

03 Car Photography Composition Studies

Great photography doesn't exist because of great cameras. Great photography exists because of great composition.

04 Best Camera for Car Photography

What is the best camera for car photography? The quick answer is...

05 Digital Camera Basics

Digital Camera Basics, quick! If you grasp the major concepts you save tons of time.

06 Digital Camera Lens Basics in 10 Minutes [COMING JULY 2020]

Digital Camera Basics in 10 Minutes! If you grasp the major concepts you save tons of time.

07 Car Photography Tips [COMING AUG 2020]

Written FAQ style, here are my bite-size Car Photography Tips I have collected over the years (and still update).

08 Photoshop Tips [COMING 2021]

What is the 20% I need to know to give me 80% of the value?